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Have a question about how we do things?  Check out answers to some of our most common questions below

Our professional trailer uses multiple high pressure power heads, hot water, and a natural sanitizer to clean your trash cans. We also take our water with us so there are no nasty left overs in your driveway or street. Let us do your dirty work.
Trash bins are where we throw all of our nasty away. Naturally they get dirty, smelly, and grimy. They also can harbor nasty bacteria you don't want your family to come in contact with. Our hot water and natural sanitizer rids you of these unwanted items
That really is up to you and how you treat your trash can. If you're always good about using bags then our quarterly service is great. If you constantly throw things away that are out of the bag then our monthly service is a great choice.
We use high pressure hot water and a natural degreaser to clean your trash cans. We also have a manual wand we can use for those stubborn cans! We do our best to get them spotless but sometimes after years of abuse some stains won't come out the first time.
Yes we do, winter does create some challenges but we do our best to work around the weather in the winter and keep your trash cans clean

If you still have questions please feel free to reach out to us!  We’re happy to help.